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July 18, 2018

Tlacotalpan is one of the most important cities in the south of Mexico. Known as the Pearl of the Papaloapan, Tlacotalpan is now declared as a World Heritage City by the UNESCO, due to its unique architecture, a fusion between spanish, caribbean and local styles, as well as one of the most celebrated musical expressions of Latin America, the son jarocho, a traditional music genre born in Tlacotalpan's outskirts from a mixture of spanish, indigenous and african influences.



A rhythm that epitomises the cultural exchange that gave rise to what its culture is today.

At sunrise, several boats leave the river bank and fishermen take their nets, hoping they can bring a fresh and plentiful catch.

The tlacotalpeño lifestyle is peaceful and serene, with warm days and vibrant and seductive nights. Due to high temperatures during daylight hours, Tlacotalpan comes to life at dusk.

After the sun goes down, people gather in central places and patios, so they can play traditional music or just talk about life and the neighbourhood's news.

Colourful facades embellish the most memorable and improvised soirees as well as nocturnal strolls along the pier.




Tlacotalpan is renowned for its traditional carpentry, musical instruments and fine silk textiles.

The evolution of folk art and other art expressions was carved out during hundred of years and so many remarkable moments in history in which influences from different latitudes arrived to change, improve and innovate local artisanal processes and techniques.



Facing the Papaloapan, butterflies' river in the vernacular language, people from this wonderful city, pray for a non-overflowing river and a future in which their roots and culture, could remain alive for upcoming generations.


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