C  O  L  E  C  C  I  Ó  N
An always- smiling people's hope 

The ESPERANZA collection is inspired by the stories and customs from Veracruz, a culture that puts its trust in something invisible, intangible, something that its eyes cannot see, but its heart can truly feel.

The coffee grower's hope of abundant harvests,

the fisherman's hope of filling his nets,

the sailor's hope of coming back home,

the volador's hope of his prayer being heard,

the hope of a river not overflowing

the hope of a promising future

the hope of reencountering her lover,

the hope of celebrating life and the love for fandango and son.

Hope is the source of inspiration for this collection, a series of handcrafted products, created with traditional techniques, genuine materials and the mastery of the artisans from Veracruz, objects with an incomparable significance.

The hope of seeing spring bloom again

Embroidered cushion. Handmade by Totonaca artisans.

the hope of reencountering her lover

Perforated flower vase. Handmade by potters from the mountainous region of Veracruz.


Neutral details for any space and style, authentic materials, original techniques and talented hands that express the hope and happiness of the people from one of the most peculiar places of Mexico, the beautiful state of Veracruz.

Xanath Tea Set, handmade by Totonaca potters.

The hope of always having a light to illuminate our path

Chéjere Candelabra, includes set of 5 handmade vanilla candles.

The hope of having a warm welcoming

Sheep wool blanket

Tequila set, traditional clay and tropical wood

The hope of breathing the fresh  fragance of the spring flowers

Totonaca statuette

The coffee grower's hope of abundant harvests

Traditional palm leaf baskets used during the coffee harvest season

C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  O  N